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Notes: Buddha Wood + Citrus

Bearded Buffalo Company Mustache Wax is made with a base of wildcrafted and organic carrier oils; plus a few other essential ingredients.  Our wax is designed to provide a medium hold. Mustache wax is considered a styling product. Each wax was born in Texas, is handcrafted and is inspired by the men we know and admire.

This mustache wax scent is inspired by the fresh scent of citrus, and is perfectly paired with buddha wood. Buddha wood, offers a slightly-smoky, woodsy scent.


Ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin, Shea Butter, Pine Gum Rosin, Essential Oil

To use: Scoop dime size amount. Rub between hands.  Apply to mustache or beard.  Style as desired. Repeat if necessary. 

It may be necessary to warm the tin under warm water, or with a hair dryer directly to the wax to soften it, and make it more malleable.  

Each wax is 2 oz.





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