Our best beard care tips!

Our best beard care tips!

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There's A LOT of stuff on the internet about how to take care of your beard.  It ranges from the ultra machismo- blood, gun smoke and whiskey to the extremely fancy (and unnecessary) forty dollar bottle of oil. So in an effort to cut down on some of the noise, here are our top three beard grooming tips. 


This seems simple enough but it is often the area where many guys go wrong, so let me explain.  Your beard is dirty.  There are reliable studies that show beards contain all sorts of bacteria.  But that's ok because we know exactly what to do-wash it-right?  However, many beard care companies advise against washing your beard everyday because it will dry out your beard hair, leaving it dull and prone to splitting.  And this is true, most companies have beard wash that is harsh, and filled with chemicals and emulsifiers that contain alcohol and other junk that will do just that.  However, it you find a gentle, natural bar of soap (ahem, bearded buffalo) you can wash your face and beard everyday with no problem.  In fact, this is our number one tip for a reason, because it's the most important.  We often advise our customers that if you can choose only one product get the soap because it will make the biggest difference.


It's best to apply your beard oil or balm while the hair is still damp, but not soaking wet.  Your hair will absorb the oil best at this time.  Plus, it just doesn't make sense to let you hair dry out and then try to add moisture. 


We get it, growing a big ass beard just feels manly.  But unless you live in the mountains or are planing on living a life of solitude this probably isn't the best look for you. Small trims can be done at home with a great pair of scissors. For bigger trims it is probably best to see the pros. Pro tip: if you can read a newspaper through your beard it's time for a trim.

Thanks for reading our best beard care tips.  If you've got a great tip we'd love to hear it!




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